Tips to help you sell your home


When selling your home, it is an emotional and challenging time. Not only is the sale of the property the end of an era, you’re also planning for a new start.

With lots of paperwork and legal hoops to jump through, the need to show people around your home is also difficult for some. Overhearing quietly spoken views on your choice of furniture or decor might be tough. But with our tips, you’ll keep all those emotions in check and help ensure your property sells as quickly as possible.


Don’t be emotional

As difficult as it is, you must think like a salesperson, not a homeowner. The sale of your house will unlock a new future, so try and forget the attachment you have to the property.

Remember, that once you decide to sell, it becomes a purely financial decision. Don’t become a pushy salesperson, but be helpful. Highlight the unique selling points and guide the prospective buyer to see the potential in rooms that would fit their new lifestyle.

If the house feels too much like home, try a bit of decorating so it feels less familiar. We’ve already listed some ways to give your property a new look that adds value without breaking the bank.


Be realistic on price

Setting the right asking price is essential. That might be difficult when the market is falling because you may feel you should be asking for more. Most people have a view on what they think their property is worth, but is that realistic?

Check recently-sold properties in the area to compare. Remember, too, to consider whether these properties are exactly like yours or just similar. A property that looks identical from the kerb may have had many changes internally. For example, it may have had an extension or large conservatory added to increase space, or the garden may have been professionally landscaped.

Being unrealistic will put potential buyers off. They’ve probably been looking for a while, so could know more about current prices than you. And if the price is far too high, you’ll get no interest.


Hire an estate agent

One way for the property to be realistically priced is to use an estate agent. They will know the current market perfectly. Our team at Jill Moore live and breathe property sales, so they will help you set a realistic price and know the full selling process, including paperwork, etc.

If you’re hiring an estate agent, do take note of their comments. Many people stick to a price that’s unrealistic and then have few, or no, viewings. Good agents have your interests at heart: they want to sell your property for you. So, any suggestions they make shouldn’t be ignored as they have the experience and knowledge to secure that sale.


Don’t expect the asking price

Over recent years, asking prices have usually been offered. In some cases, sellers have achieved more because it has been a seller’s market. But don’t expect that to always be the case. Always allow room for negotiation. Pricing too low to raise lots of interest might sound good, but it could mean you don’t get the money from the sale that you require. Worse still, you might even discourage buyers, as they’ll assume the property has issues!

Property prices depend on many factors, including:


  • The current state of the market
  • How modernised your home is
  • Whether the garden needs work
  • How much redecoration might be required


Don’t hide big problems

It might be tempting to hide any issues you have with your property. But during the inspection process, those problems will be uncovered.

Either fix the problem before you put the property on the market, set the price below market value or offer at the normal price but offer to help towards the cost. We’re not talking a bit of paintwork here, of course. This is for major defects, such as a leaky roof.


If you would like help selling your property, our experienced team at Jill Moore Select Properties can help. Contact us today for details.

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