Upsizing was something most buyers did when their families were growing – but that’s not always the case now!   The past two years have taught us that our homes are no longer just a place to relax and sleep in while spending time w... read more »
Despite sophisticated levels of security, property fraudsters are as big an issue ever. The average property fraud scam is £100,000 and it’s vital that you do all you can to avoid being a victim. This short guide should help you unde... read more »
Home improvements could freshen up a tired-looking property – but beware! Some home improvements could devalue your home. Rather than giving a property a fresh look, some DIY projects may mean you need to send out an SOS. These tips should hel... read more »
First-time buyers are bound to be excited about their first home. But it can also be a bit worrying because there’s so much to think about.It can be easy to forget the long list of items on your checklist. This outlines what you need know about... read more »
When it comes to selling your house it’s only natural that you want the best price possible. And just the smallest details can make a difference to how people view your home when it’s on the market.   There is a saying that you onl... read more »
There are many ways to sell your home these days – but using an experienced local estate agent makes a lot of sense. We’re sure you’re thinking, “You would say that!” But there are very good reasons why a local estate a... read more »
When it comes to selling your home, there’s lot to think about. And in the middle of all the chaos and rush, it’s easy to get things wrong. But fear not! This guide highlights seven mistakes to avoid when selling your home.   1. P... read more »
When buying a house, it’s important to know the terms and conditions of the property. Some houses or sold as freehold while others are leasehold.   It’s important you know the difference because one will result in you needing to pa... read more »
When you’re buying or selling a house, legal paperwork can be confusing. Two common terms in the process are exchange and completion. But how do they differ and do they matter? This guide explains what you need to know.   Exchanging cont... read more »
Most people will spend time on money on a house before selling it. But there are occasions when you may need to sell a rundown property that needs some TLC. If you’ve inherited, for example, the house may not need modernisation. Or your person... read more »
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