The UK has tipped into a recession, according the Office of Budget Responsibility. A recession means there is a downturn in economic activity. It tends to affect the property market in a number of ways; this includes a slowdown in the number of pot... read more »
Most people will tell you that buying or selling a property in winter isn’t wise. But that’s a bit of a myth. If you’re planning to sell, the season could be perfect. We won’t say that it’s always easy, as the number of... read more »
Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) look very much like stickers you find on the side of kitchen and household appliances. But why do you need an EPC when you’re selling your house? Since 2008, it has been a legal requirement to have an EPC.... read more »
When you're viewing a property to buy, it can be a bit daunting. You’re entering someone else’s home and there’s a lot to take in. But if you are prepared, then it can eradicate some of the nerves. And the more you view, the more r... read more »
When buying you need a conveyancer. This is usually a lawyer who specialises in property or a conveyancing solicitor. The difference between the two is that a conveyancer only works on property while a solicitor can work on a range of legal services... read more »
If you are a landlord there is a chance that you want to sell up. After all, a recent survey reckons 1 in 10 landlords are planning to quit the property market. So, if you are one of those looking to sell your property, what do you need to know? &n... read more »
At Jill Moore Select Properties, we love Washington! We’ve always had an office here right in the heart of the village where we still meet eager buyers and sellers or property. Many people may overlook Washington because the dual carriageways ... read more »
When it comes to selling your home you need to remember that you only get one chance to make a first impression! So if you want to impress, then decluttering can really help improve your chances for a quick sale. Even in a recently-decorated propert... read more »
Whether you’re releasing equity, retiring or looking for a new start after the family has flown the nest, downsizing is a popular move.   There are many reasons for looking for a smaller property. No matter what reason you have for movin... read more »
Whether buying a home for the first time or up or downsizing, you’re likely to need a mortgage. Some people might be in the position to buy a property in full using their own cash, but most need a mortgage. So, what is a mortgage and how does ... read more »
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