If you’re looking for a new home you may see estate agent signs or online ads that say either ‘under offer’ or ‘sold subject to contract’. But do they mean the same thing? Some estate agents might use ‘under offer... read more »
If you’re looking for a new home you may be considering an apartment. We’ve already looked at what you need to think about if you can’t decide between a house or a flat. And if you’ve decided an apartment is right for you, th... read more »
When selling your home you need to be well organised – because there’s a lot of essential paperwork to sort out long before the sale is completed. The legal process of selling a property in the UK means that if you haven’t got ever... read more »
How long will it take to sell my home? Some people might suggest it’s like asking how long is a piece of string? And in some cases that’s true. The reality is it depends on a lot of factors, including kerb appeal, location and interior d... read more »
When you’re planning to buy your next property in and around Washington, there’s one thing you need to be aware of: the property chain.   Unless the buyer and seller (often called the vendor by estate agents) are cash buyers or fir... read more »
When it comes to buying a property most people use a mortgage – unless they’ve won the lottery! But when needing a new mortgage deal for your next purchase, what should you do? Should you head to your bank or building society or use a br... read more »
Making sure you can afford your mortgage is one thing. But have you considered other costs involved when buying a property? Your mortgage is the most obvious expenditure, however, if you forget to budget for other expenses it could cost you in the l... read more »
When selling your home, it is an emotional and challenging time. Not only is the sale of the property the end of an era, you’re also planning for a new start. With lots of paperwork and legal hoops to jump through, the need to show people arou... read more »
When you’re buying a property, one of the things you’ll hear mentioned by both your estate agent and solicitor is the title deeds. But what are they? The deeds are essential when determining who owns property or land in England and Wales... read more »
When buying a home, you may have an idea about the type of property you would like to buy. But finances may mean you can’t quite stretch to that country mansion with two acres just yet! Within your budget, you may find an array of houses and f... read more »
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