When buying a house, it’s important to know the terms and conditions of the property. Some houses or sold as freehold while others are leasehold.   It’s important you know the difference because one will result in you needing to pa... read more »
When you’re buying or selling a house, legal paperwork can be confusing. Two common terms in the process are exchange and completion. But how do they differ and do they matter? This guide explains what you need to know.   Exchanging cont... read more »
Most people will spend time on money on a house before selling it. But there are occasions when you may need to sell a rundown property that needs some TLC. If you’ve inherited, for example, the house may not need modernisation. Or your person... read more »
After deciding to sell, estate agents need to value your home before putting it on the market. Many buyers and sellers wonder how values are reached.The first thing to say is that you should speak to an estate agent with local experience. If you&rsqu... read more »
1. First impressions The first photograph appears on websites is of the outside of your home. That means it’s hugely important! Scaffolding and skips are a huge turn-off, so get rid of them, and make sure the garden’s as tidy as it can b... read more »
When it comes to selling your home, your garden can make a big difference! Experts say the outside is often a key piece in the puzzle to getting the price you want. In fact, a well-maintained garden could add as much as £27,000 to the price of... read more »
Selling your house at the best times is stressful. Throw a global pandemic in the mix, lockdown restrictions, economical instability and Covid-19, and things can get even tougher.But despite all this, the housing market is booming, and sales are stil... read more »
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